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Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
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Kendra Hunt, Hayden Skelton and Cindy Wong
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Community Plaza
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With imminent and pressing concerns regarding climate change, reducing CO2 emission is a major goal. Steelmaking is responsible for ~9% of global CO2 emissions and is one of the industries that are still difficult to decarbonize. Hertha Metals is pioneering a technology that produces steel with 95% less CO2 emissions compared to today’s primary steelmaking processes. This is done by reducing and smelting iron ore with green hydrogen and green electricity, through a process based on the fundamentals of hydrogen plasma smelting reduction. The goal of this project is to determine materials to be used in Hertha’s hydrogen-electric steel making furnace. The process of selecting appropriate refractory materials will include researching materials that traditional steel making furnaces consist of and judging the ability of these materials to work in the hydrogen smelting environment.

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  • Laureen Meroueh

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