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Biological and Ecological Engineering
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Nina Biondolillo, Rory Corrigan, Erin Drumm and Aaron Henley
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Community Plaza
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Our capstone project was building and testing an engineered wetland, designed to filter and treat household gray water. Gray water is used water that comes from the sink, shower, laundry machine, and dishwasher. This gray water has the potential to be reused on household lawns and gardens if treated properly. Our design goal was to filter 50 gallons a day and achieve the guidelines surrounding Type 2 gray water set by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). We successfully built our system and our system was able to remove 90% of TSS but did not meet the 10 mg/L or less requirement that the DEQ requires for Type 2 gray water permitting. After running a few filtration tests, we learned that our wetland had a filtration rate of about 40 gallons per day. If we were to improve upon this project, we would change the media in the wetland from fine sand to coarse sand and increase the slope of the wetland, in order to reduce retention time. 

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