Working PFD of current, single-stage setup.
College of Engineering Unit: 
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Salman Khalid Y Alhammad, George Dimitropoulos and Yan Mandych
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Community Plaza
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The use of gravity-based isothermal compression of natural gas power plant flue gas in a water solvent to extract carbon dioxide with reduced use of mechanical compressors. This concept was used historically in mining engineering to generate pressurized nitrogen to power compressed air tools and machines, in the Ragged Chutes plant in Cobalt, Canada. A modernization of this concept is explored by a research group led by Dr. Dean Millar of MIRARCO, Canada, and Dr. Valeria Pavese of DENERG, Italy. In all cases, the systems are dug about 100 meters into the earth under the path of a flowing river to provide a massive source of water as a solvent for the air intake. Our project aims to discover how this concept can be translated using a similarly sized, above-ground piping system appended to a power plant of similar caliber.

Industry Sponsor(s): 
  • Dr. Peet Soot

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