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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Karim Amer, Nicholas Gruenefeldt, Peter Lake, Zachary Lovell, Alec Schuler and Samuel Summerville
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Memorial Place
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The Aerospace Propulsion Outreach Program (APOP) is a combination of a research, demonstration, and competition team. The program is sponsored by the United States Air Force (USAF) to design, prototype, and produce modifications for a micro gas turbine engine. The USAF creates new annual challenges for APOP teams all across the US. This year's mission is to increase the thrust to weight ratio of the engine by 60%, while increasing the thrust specific fuel consumption by no more than 20%. Additionally, teams must estimate their design results with a parametric cycle analysis model that is no less than 80% accurate of the actual final test results.

Oregon State's APOP team is tackling this year's mission with four methods: A new axial compressor, an optimized converging nozzle, a fuel heat exchanger, and a materials substitution.

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  • United States Air Force

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