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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Andy Browne, Ella Mudry, Nina Flores-Parra, Berkeley Skuratowicz and Peiyton Slatt
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Memorial Place
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Located in the Pacific Northwest, Oregonians hold a reputation of fighting for their planet and creating more sustainable solutions to existing products. As the team looks to convert existing products to be more sustainable, we first need to analyze metal bikes. From manufacturing to the life-cycle of these products, metal bikes' single-use lifecycle negatively impacts the environment by creating more waste and endangers the lands ridden on. 

Scott Campbell, an Associate professor at Oregon State University, has a company he owns on the side called Celilo Cycles, where he creates wooden bike frames by hand. Campbell has done a few side projects for a mountain bike frame but none with back shocks, their original bike frames were road bikes. Campbell decided to pursue a full suspension mountain bike frame because he found he needed a frame to sustain the tough conditions and stress of mountain biking. This is their first project where he will create a full suspension bike frame out of sustainable white oak wood. The team is tasked with creating the first prototype with all components and designs that do not interfere with existing patents. The team will rigorously test the bike and make design iterations so the final product seen at the engineering expo is safe and durable enough for constant use.

After the 2022 Engineering Expo we were awarded the Innovation Award from Daimler Trucks! Thank you Daimler and thank you Brad Canfield and everyone that helped put together the Expo. 


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  • Celilo Cycles
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