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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Alex Uong, Alima Matyeva and Daisy Ramirez
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Kelley Engineering Center
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WikiFamily was created as an online platform to help counteract specific areas of improvement identified within already existing family genealogy software. Areas of improvement include the necessity of downloading additional software, the limited sharing abilities, and the inability to collapse individuals and their descendants.

WikiFamily aims to be a user-friendly website that helps users understand their individual genealogy and provide an easy-to-read family tree and encode family history for posterity. As such, WikiFamily allows users to create or own several family trees, collapse individuals and their descendants, output the family tree in a list hierarchy and tree formats, and manage family data through the database. Given the social aspect of creating family trees, WikiFamily further allows users to share an individual and their descendants for collaboration with another user. Given this sharing feature, WikiFamily prospective users can sign up or log in via an existing Facebook account, their Gmail, or through WikiFamily itself.

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