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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project Team Member(s): 
Harper Swenson, Zhangyao Zhou and Kaavya Subramanian
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Kelley Engineering Center
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Our project partner’s research is uncovering what sharks are doing when humans aren’t around. Current knowledge of shark behavior is limited mainly to when they are around or above the surface of the water, and not much information is known about their day to day underwater behaviors.

The project partner is looking for us to create a machine learning model. The goal of the model is to learn to match shark behaviors to biologging data.  An additional goal of this project is to define a reusable process for creating this model so that the technique can be used to discern behaviors off of data from other underwater species.

Our solution includes a data processing pipeline and user interface for the project partner to develop other models in the future.

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PDF icon Model and User Interface Visuals164.85 KB
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