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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Jaymes Hamilton and Arjay Hamilton
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Virtual Only
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The Walking Challenge RPG is a mobile app that intends to "gamify" exercise. When creating this project, we wanted to fulfill a rare niche of game. The concept was "exercise is a core mechanic". So, in order to play the game, one must exercise. We didn’t want the game to be just about exercise; rewarding the player for exercising is our main goal.

This project is a mobile game. After opening the game, the user is presented with the title screen. This screen details the number of steps you have taken since the title screen has been opened, the amount of gold you have, and any active walking challenges. The title screen needs to be open in order to record any steps you may take. The gold will count up as you walk, and is the only way to generate gold in the game. The active walking challenges are not fully implemented, so there is nothing there.

The gold is used to buy items in the game. As mentioned, one must walk in order to generate gold. Once you have enough gold, you can buy items from the shop. The shop can be accessed by leaving the title screen and tapping the shop from the castle menu, the main hub screen. However, some items can't be bought without some experience points first.

To earn experience points to buy stronger items, one must head to the world map and choose a level. These levels form the actual gameplay. The gameplay is turn-based battles. Once you tap on a level, a battle begins. These battles can be exited any time, but you won’t get any reward unless you win. In battle, you control the main character, “Hero Cat”. The enemies are brainwashed by an evil sorcerer cat, and he must battle them to free them from his control.

In order to battle, tap the enemy on the screen. Hero Cat will attack the enemy, then they will attack him back. You can also use items from this screen to heal Hero Cat if he is damaged. If Hero Cat runs out of health, then you lose, but there are no penalties. Winning the battle will award the player experience, which they can then use to buy better items from the shop.

This forms the main gameplay loop. Exercise to gain gold, use gold to buy better items, defeat enemies to earn experience to unlock even better items. By tying gold generation to exercise, we intend to make exercise more fun by providing the gameplay as a reward. The game may not be fully finished, but one day, we may want to make it publicly available on the App Store.



Walking Challenge RPG Video
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