Image of User Sawing Board
College of Engineering Unit: 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project Team Member(s): 
Allan Hillyer, Casey Nord, Mitchell Radford, Ziwen Tong and Dingzhi Hu
Physical Location at Expo: 
Kelley Engineering Center
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Project Description: 

Many tasks in working environments such as construction-related jobs are difficult to explain with words or videos, and dangerous tasks often need to be learned on the job.

Compared to traditional training for construction-related jobs, VR construction training software has the potential to provide users with flexible and reusable scenarios that can be effective, while also providing minimal setup and maintenance as the entire experience is contained within the application.

Users are not exposed to as many risks of injuries that can be sustained while working with dangerous equipment such as table saws, chop saws, planers, mills, etc.

The overhead of setting up and maintaining complex training scenarios can also be drastically reduced as scenarios can simply be restarted in a virtual application.

This project provides a variety of tools that allow developers to configure these scenarios.

Firstly, we have created a task system that facilitates the creation of task lists that must be completed in a set order. These tasks could include the placement of boards for a window frame or basic safety tasks. Performance metrics are also included to see if a user has completed a task too quickly, or too slowly.

We’ve also utilized a “socket” system, which allows users to place items in an area and lock them in place. These are most commonly used for the placement of nails or boards in a frame or foundation.

Additionally, a hazard system has been created to notify trainees of possible dangers of their job. For example, when users are using a saw, it is essential that they keep their hands out of the blade’s path. This system highlights the blade’s path and notifies users when their hand crosses its path.

Finally, this system implements a menu for users to navigate various scenarios so that users will not need to keep track of multiple applications to go through each scene.

Video for our Alpha release.
Video for our Beta release.