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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Jack Little, Ryan Bohl, Nicholas Lin, Timothy Grant and Jordan Hendricks
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Memorial Place
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Our project involves a rocket launched from the center of a virtual grid that is 5000ft by 5000ft in length, divided into 400 sections that are 250ft by 250ft. The goal of our project is to locate the final landing section of the rocket body after being launched to an altitude of 4500ft without the use of Global Positioning System (GPS). The payload is allowed to eject from the rocket at apogee, and detach from the rocket at an altitude of 500ft. It may contain any devices and sensors that can be fit inside of the size constraints of the rocket body. Sensors and other devices are also allowed to remain on the rocket the entire launch.

Quick compilation of Oregon State University's USLI rocket team on their final launch in the 2022 NASA competition.

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PDF icon Document that contains all project details as well as the design process.34.28 MB
PDF icon Poster that will be on display at the Expo2.39 MB
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