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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Amelia Garza, Jared Soo, Cesar Dominguez and Abdulgader Alsubaihi
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Community Plaza
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Samaritan Health Services is rated on quality health metrics to track how well the organization improves care, eliminates health disparities, and makes quality care accessible to its patients.

The type 2 diabetes metric is determined by the number of patients with A1c levels above 9%. Currently, SHS meets the metric requirements at some clinics and fails at others.

The objective is to identify the most significant factors affecting patient A1c scores. Using data analysis and simulations, a clear focus area will be provided to optimize clinic performance, meet the metric, and improve the health of diabetes patients across Samaritan Health’s 80 primary care and specialty physician clinics.

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  • Samaritan Health Services

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