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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Anthony Cardinali, Jamie Cox, Oliver Tymoshuk, Tia Miller and Enrique Fernandez
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Virtual Only
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This is a Sun tracking solar oven designed from an used parabolic satellite dish. The purpose of the project is for this furnace to track the sun’s movement, boiling water and harnessing mechanical energy from the boiled water. Comprised of a highly reflective coating to the surface of the dish, an electro-mechanical system that supplies power to a DC motor to spin the structure. Power supply of the system is used through a 12 Volt car battery in order to provide energy to the system. A 3D printed gearbox is attached to the stem of the satellite pole, which contains the motor and an encoder that will use a highly complex code that tracks the approximated coordinates based on GPS signals. The project was funded by Dave Willis, owner of Freshops, a supply brewery store in Philomath.

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  • Freshops

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