Woman Running
College of Engineering Unit: 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project Team Member(s): 
Hudson Mazza, Ali Mohamed Alhabshi, Ryan Jeffrey and Alex Decker
Physical Location at Expo: 
Kelley Engineering Center
Project ID: 
Project Description: 

For our group's project, we made a Fitbit / smart watch style workout band that tracks the users heart rate, distance ram, and other various different work out related data. This data collected us and sent it to your phone via Bluetooth which is then further sent to a disconnected database that the phone can then pull and send information to.

At the beginning of our project, it was very open ended. Out project is partnerless, so we had a very large creative liberties on deciding what I project with me about. We brainstormed multiple ideas, including but not limited to a homework tracker, COVID tracker, activities tracker, and a work clock in tracker. However, we ultimately decided on a run tracker. We decided on this topic because we felt like it was the best Option we came up with that fits the parameters and our capabilities. Furthermore, it is a product we ourselves could see using. That was the biggest factor of us choosing this project.

Our project is made up of two custom-made PCBs, a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, a Bluetooth module, a custom-made and designed enclosure, and a companion app for the phone. This companion app is only compatible with android devices. We decided on this limitation because making a multiplatform application was more complex than we thought and android was the most familiar development environment between the two software engineers on the project. The database were using for this assignment is fire base, a Google product. This works really well for android because android is also powered by Google.All of these design choices has led up to our project being a compact watch that tracks a basic run information of the user. We are very satisfied with our project come and we hope you enjoy the product.