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College of Engineering Unit: 
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Laura Heinze, Rebekah Bond, Annes El-Krewi and Allison Ray
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Community Plaza
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Smarty Pants are athletic leggings with silver conductive patches of fabric sewn over four different muscle groups. These conductive patches utilize electromyography (EMG) technology to determine relative activation of muscles. The patches connect to a power pack that records and sends EMG data to an app on the user's phone which in turn analyzes the data and reports injury predispositions. Based on that analysis, the application offers exercises and recommendations to strengthen weak muscle groups and train in a way that minimizes injury occurrence. Smarty Pants are made of washable material and the power pack is removable for ease of use. They are easily accessible, simple to use, and provide valuable feedback that can save the user the cost of treating an injury as well as the pain of enduring one.

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