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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Naomi Grant
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Virtual Only
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A text adventure game (developed using Python) that is played through a Slack bot. The game was created specifically for employees at my project sponsor's company and it is for entertainment purposes only. The idea was suggested by Andrew Herren (project sponsor), and he wrote the story for it as well. The game is full of fun little company inside jokes.

In the game, you have to get a laptop, find an idea for a new GitHub issue by traveling around and talking to people, create the issue, get a new customer by pitching to potential clients, resolve technical issues with your new customer's server, and then go back to the office for a party. While on your quest, you can interact with anyone or anything that you come across, pick up items, explore different places, and overall just have fun.

Note that I wrote closed captions for the video, so feel free to use those if needed.

After creating the demo video, I had someone test out the game by playing through it while I took notes. I ended up making many changes to the game based on the feedback from that, then had them play again after making the changes. Here are the updates (not seen in first (top) demo video):

  • Added maps of each building/area that the player can view with the "map" command. These maps are images that the Slack bot sends.
  • Added "objective" and "hint" commands so that the user can find out the current objective as well as a detailed hint if they are stuck.
  • Added "tips" command which gives a list of gameplay tips.
  • Gave users more freedom in how they phrase some common commands.
  • Made the game more forgiving to avoid losing both sales and getting "GAME OVER" as easily.
  • Improved navigation when using the "laptop" so that they would not need to use as many commands to do different things on the laptop. They no longer need to close programs to open other programs or to close the laptop.
  • Added more room interactions and better messages when something/someone cannot be interacted with or talked to.
  • Generally made the game more intuitive to play and less frustrating through many changes.
Slack-based Text Adventure Game Demo
Silent gameplay