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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Emmanuel Bekele, Joshua Nakadate, Saxon Pelzel , Nicholas Phillips and Max Rickert-Wong
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Memorial Place
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The goal of team MIME 120 is to redesign the steering and suspension system for the Shell Eco-Marathon Prototype car. The Shell Eco Marathon Prototype car is a student-built vehicle that competes in an efficiency-based competition. The rules of the competition are that every car must drive around the track a set number of laps and the cars are ranked by the amount of fuel that they use. The least amount of fuel used the better. Our team’s objective over the past two terms was to redesign the steering and suspension system for the prototype car. The key features of the design are a water jet frame, custom wheel brackets, and a lightweight steering arm.  A significant improvement from the previous system was the addition of suspension geometry. Allowing for better stabilization and handling. The primary sponsor of the project is Oregon State University, most of the funding and resources comes from the University. The car is run out of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a student run mechanical engineering club.  

System discussion
System in action.

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