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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Evan Brown, Allen George, Josh Kozsey, Tyler Palmgren, Mike Wu and Munir Zarea
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Community Plaza
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The goal of this project is to generate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models of four different shark species and compare these models to the results of wind tunnel testing. The team will study four different shark species: blacktip, shortfin mako, Caribbean reef, and great hammerhead, using 3D models provided by DigitalLife3D. The CFD models will be simulated at the cruising speeds of the sharks, and at three different pitch angles: ascent, straight, and descent. The CFD models will simulate a static loading on the 3D models, not incorporating the snakelike motion characteristic of sharks. After creating the CFD models of the sharks, the 3D models will be 3D printed and put through wind tunnel testing. The results of the wind tunnel testing will then be compared to the results of the CFD models. The completion of the project will provide a better understanding of shark hydrodynamics

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  • HP

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