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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Jordon Hillier, Cade Johnson, Colin Dinino-Childers and Alton Mitchell
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Community Plaza
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   The 2021-2022 Rock Crusher for Uganda senior project is focused on developing a human-powered jaw-type rock crusher that can be manufactured in Uganda. This year's project was focused on optimizing the components in the crushing mechanism to apply more compression to the rocks being processed. To accomplish this, the team redesigned the eccentric shaft, which creates oscillatory movement in the "moving jaw", as well as the toggle plate assembly, which controls the movement at the bottom of the moving jaw. Once a more desirable crushing motion was achieved through these changes, significantly heavier flywheels were added to the eccentric shaft in order to create the excess of energy needed to crush rock and keep the eccentric shaft spinning. From this, the team published a final design that preserved the crushing motion from the prototype while downsizing the machine to more appropriately reflect the size of rocks being crushed as specified by the customer.

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