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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Andres Tobon and Timothy Marias
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Kelley Engineering Center
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RegeneShare is a peer-to-peer marketplace website by and for farmers. Farming equipment is expensive, and oftentimes farmers only need some equipment for a fraction of the year. Hence, RegeneShare helps farmers be able to rent out unused equipment to other farmers who need it. They can also offer farming services to other farmers and pay each other using the website's Stripe integration. As a use case, let's say a farmer needs a tiller for the month of November, and there is another farmer who has one available that time of year; in that case, the farmer can rent out their tiller and in turn make some money doing so while helping another farmer.

On the website, farmers are able to list their equipment and services, then request other farmers' listings to ultimately create a paid transaction between the farmers in exchange for an equipment or service. Farmers can also create a wish list on the website, which expresses what type of equipment and farm services they need for their farm; this information is then useful for other farmers and businesses who can provide what the farmer is searching.

The website is built using the Ruby on Rails web framework and is built with various Ruby gems to handle certain tasks, such as geocoding addresses. There is integration with some third-party APIs, including Stripe for payment processing, Mapbox for rendering a map view with markers, and Postmark for sending automated emails to users of the website when their listing has been requested, or a transaction is made, etc.

Website features:

  • Add equipment/services

  • List an equipment or service

  • Search for listings in a location with filters

  • Request a listing

  • Accept or decline requests

  • Create a transaction and pay a user

  • Leave a review of a transaction

  • Create a wishlist of desired equipment/services

  • Receive email notifications about listing requests and transactions

A demo of using RegeneShare to list and rent an equipment.

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  • Jim Cupples

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