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College of Engineering Unit: 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project Team Member(s): 
Adam Oberg, James Taylor, Josh Bell and Jason (Alex) Gaaulm
Physical Location at Expo: 
Kelley Engineering Center
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To first give you an understanding of why this project was developed, I must tell you a story. Imagine yourself as a young child, sitting at your computer, bored. You have finished all of your school work for weeks ahead. You’ve tried playing video games, but each one you open feels stale and boring. They’re all pre-determined stories that are played once and not touched afterwards. Scrolling through indie games, you find yourself drawn to one, Project Space. You open this game to find a fully emergent world, beautifully and meticulously built from the ground up. There is no built in story, you’re able to use your imagination to build your own world, fill it with your own imagined people. After thirty minutes of playing you feel satisfied. You look at the time and you have been playing for 12 hours. What is this game you think… I’ll tell you. 


Project Space uses a hand made game engine to procedurally generate multiple planets, along with persons, locations, and historical events. In its core Project Space is a turn based emergent narrative generator based in the vast emptiness of space. In this game you build your society and develop your own story to go along with it.  You face many obstacles such as famine, war, disease and many other disasters that you must lead your people through. Build your society, army and resource generation to fight off these hardships in this new, exciting, galactic spanning, emergent narrative generator.

Project Space’s user interface was built using Figma and an extensive user testing process to create an optimal user experience. The graphics are rendered using a custom-built graphics engine built in OpenGL and all of the models and textures were built in Blender and Gimp. The engine uses batch rendering techniques for 2D and instance-based rendering for 3D. As well as the Freetype library for font loading. 


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