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College of Engineering Unit: 
Civil and Construction Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Spencer Kime, Ethan Nolander, Kei Kusakabe, Luke VanBuskirk, Parker Matsumoto and Jordan Carrancho
Physical Location at Expo: 
Campus Way
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Project Description: 

Team V2 was invited to partner with Mackenzie on the Overton Street Development project. The owner requests a three-story, mixed-use commercial structure located in Portland, Oregon. The project site will bisect the city block formed by NW Pettygrove Street, NW Overton Street, and NW 19th Avenue. The structure will primarily be used as a veterinary hospital. The veterinary hospital will provide specialty services such as advanced imaging, radiology, and inpatient surgery. The owner would like additional office space and a community room that can be leased. Additionally, the owner would like a green roof, rooftop tennis court, and an underground parking garage with a multi-vehicle lift. 

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