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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Noe Campos, Alex Franco, Jessica Garcia, Abigail Lam and Keith Stevens
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Kelley Engineering Center
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According to OSU’s transfer page, more than 2000 students come from other schools each year. The proportion of these people in the whole university is about 9%. More and more people are moving from community college to Oregon State University, so advisors need an online tool that can quickly generate OSU course transfer guides based on their needs. Without this online tool, transfer guides are created using Microsoft Word by many different advisors. This leads to transfer guides being inconsistently formatted as well as being frustrating to edit or update.  
This project not only improves the work efficiency of advisors, but also greatly improves the timeliness and convenience for students taking the same courses elsewhere and how to meet their degree requirements at Oregon State University.

Advisor guide on navigating the transfer guide generation

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  • Erin Bird
  • Bridget Jones
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