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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Mohammed Alfaraj, Audrey Concepcion, Ryan Hekker, Sahil Jani and Joli Nguyen
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Virtual Only
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The Near Miss Capstone project, sponsored by the Oregon State University (OSU) Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) team, has a goal of improving near miss reporting in College of Engineering (COE) undergraduate student clubs. Improvement in the rate of near miss report submissions is directly related to reducing safety incidents because EH&S is able to address and correct potentially hazardous situations before an incident can happen in the future. 

The first major milestone in this project involved data collection in the form of a survey determining club population, lab space usage, and self-reported hazards that each club encounters in their routine activity. This survey served as a launching point for the second phase of the project: conducting in-person and virtual interviews with student club members. These interviews were aimed at discovering students’ familiarity with near misses and the importance of reporting them, safety culture within student clubs, and current gaps in students’ knowledge regarding safety and near misses.

Utilizing the interview data, the Capstone team recognized a deficit in student knowledge of near misses, and proposed a solution to spread awareness. This implementation package contained a set of training videos and informational signage designed for use by student clubs. 

The team also developed a presentation for OSU COE faculty detailing the project findings. The intent of this presentation is to spread awareness across the college among those who can help to catalyze safety improvements for students and organizations.

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  • Oregon State University Environmental Health and Safety

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