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College of Engineering Unit: 
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Francis Garcia, Madeleine Quinn, Martin Nuwey and Terrence Susanto
Physical Location at Expo: 
Community Plaza
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The mushroom test kit was designed to support and help protect the community that is involved in the newly trending activity, mushroom foraging. This product addresses the rising problem of mushroom misidentification and intoxication in the field. The goal of this project is to combine the knowledge of flexural strength, techniques of lateral flow paper fluidics, and the concept of antibody conjugation and immunoassays together.  The invention of the Mushroom Test Kit envisions a safe and accurate way to reduce the number of intoxication cases by providing a way for mushroom activists to rapidly test their samples in the field without the constraint of expertise, time, or lab delivery.

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