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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Michael Guske, Sean-Michael Riesterer and Trenton Bastasch
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Community Plaza
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The Multi-Effect Pedal is a system that takes in an audio signal, puts an effect on it, and outputs the altered signal. The distortion effect will amplify the input signal and then clip the audio signal's amplitude. The system also has a delay effect that will delay the output of the audio signal at several customizable intervals. The system lastly contains a chromatic tuner for tuning a guitar that is attached to it. When the system is not active it will allow the input signal to pass straight through to the output. While working on the pedal, the team was able to successfully alter the audio signals to create not only functional effects but ones that sound good. The team's main challenges came from the delay effect and trying to configure it in a way that would conserve memory on the microcontroller and trying to get it to output a signal that sounds good while relying on the Pulse Width Modulation of the controller.

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