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Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
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Hanna Do, Teppei Mori-Gilles, Dominic Giuliano and Yasmeen Pemberton
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Community Plaza
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Lac-Sense is a lactose testing kit created to alleviate allergen uncertainties amongst those who are lactose intolerant. There are only two lactose testing devices available: Lactosens-R  and AgraStrip. Both products are expensive and use convoluted procedures, chemicals, or bulky electronics as a means for lactose testing. Lac-Sense is a simple kit that contains 30 sets of test strips, a small tube, and a pestle, which fits into a small cosmetic travel pack. Simply insert a crumb or drop of food into the sealable tube provided and add water and shake. Dip a glucose test strip in the tube and set it aside. Then dip the modified glucose test strip with  lactase in and set it aside. After two minutes if the lactase strip has a darker color than the glucose strip, then lactose is present. If there is no difference in color, then lactose is not present. The lack of electronics or chemicals makes it a safer and more portable alternative. It is also cheaper than most kits, selling in retail for $20. The glucose strips test the glucose levels in food while the lactase strips test the glucose and broken down lactose levels. The lactase strip utilizes lactase to break down any lactose available. Testing has shown 250 FCC as the optimal amount of lactase added to the lactase strips for comparing color contrasts. Lactase embedding methods were assessed and the glucose strip with adhesive and lactase coated on top of the adhesive was considered the best at not interfering with the strip’s glucose detecting capabilities. It was decided that a pestle should be included in the kit in case a non-water soluble food was encountered along with an extra tube for convenience. Overall, Lac-Sense is an inexpensive, portable, and user-friendly kit that will prevent users from consuming lactose unknowingly.

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