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Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
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Rowan Bender, Madison Plaisted and Emily Ulibarri
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Community Plaza
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Hydrostar USA’s new hydrogen producing technology produces green hydrogen through a membraneless hydrolysis reaction. This hydrolysis uses a patent pending electrolyte solution to create hydrogen from variable input electricity produced by green technologies.The new electrolyte is environmentally friendly and is less corrosive than other alkaline electrolyte solutions used in industry.

The team's project goal was to design a continuous flow modular system that produces green hydrogen using this new hydrogen technology. By producing hydrogen in a modular fashion accessibility increases and scaling to any production requirement becomes easier. In order to accomplish this goal the team focused their efforts on the designing of a variable flow hydrogen collection and compression system that accommodates the inevitable fluctuations of a green energy power grid throughout the day. For example, how energy availability from a solar array will be different when it's sunny/cloudy/night. The final design is capable of producing 300 atm hydrogen from variable energy input. 

The design team finalized a 3 stage compression system in order to keep the temperature of the hydrogen produced low enough to protect against high temperature hydrogen attack which can embrittle metals. The team safe-guarded against over pressurization using pressure relief valves and against gas leaks by installing gas sensors throughout the system.



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  • HydroStar USA

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