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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Connor Dawson, Jacob Edgerton, Nick Puccini, Craig Weeks, Benedikt Dillmann, Marco Jochum, Tyler Pettigrew, Chris Souriyamath, Atlas Haller, Owen Ramsey, Maxwell Kuhn, Dakota Clark and Garret Nepper
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Memorial Place
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OSU's High Altitude Liquid Engine (HALE) rocketry team aims to launch a single stage, liquid bi-propellant powered flight vehicle past the Karman line, which rests at 328,000ft above the Earth's surface. This project has a long term goal, where each year capstone seniors and volunteers build off of the work of their predecessors, ultimately advancing the team's generational knowledge. Since its founding in 2018, HALE has made rapid progress in developing the knowledge and hardware for this demanding task. In Spring 2021, HALE conducted the first hot fire of our 1st generation engine. Today we continue to develop and test engines, along with manufacturing our subscale flight vehicle, which will launch in Spring 2023.

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  • Oregon Space Grant Consortium
  • OSU Chapter of AIAA
  • Ram Steelco

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