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College of Engineering Unit: 
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Connor Davidson, Brian Lee, Jonathon Krugel, Wyatt Taylor and Lindsey Wachtman
Physical Location at Expo: 
Kelley Engineering Center
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Project Description: 

An interactive kinetic sculpture that shows off engineering aspects in a creative and educational way.

Team MIME.611’s client, Dr. Sarah Oman, expressed a desire for a kinetic sculpture to be placed in an OSU engineering building to show off the creativity mechanical engineering can utilize. The project had specific requirements surrounding the design of the kinetic sculpture. It must be interactive, show off 3 engineering principles, be durable, lightweight, fit through a standard-sized door, have educational signage, and be made with a budget under $500. MIME.611 chose gear ratios, pulleys, wave mechanics, and additive manufacturing as the key engineering principles shown off to users.



MIME.611 Kinetic Sculpture Capstone Project
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