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College of Engineering Unit: 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project Team Member(s): 
Kenton Bender, Timothy Englehart, Leif Miller and Joshua Muir
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Memorial Place
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The project we are working on is the OSU AIAA High Altitude Rocketry Team’s (HART) avionics system. HART’s goal is to reach an altitude of 150,000 feet with a two-stage solid fuel rocket during a collegiate rocketry competition at the end of the school year. The system that we have created includes both a wireless launch box and displays for live readouts of telemetry information from the rocket as it is in flight, including data such as altitude, acceleration, velocity, and angle of attack. Our launch box is a well documented, accessible, and rugged wireless launch control box that also displays live telemetry by interfacing with the TeleDongle, a product sold in conjunction with the flight computer that HART uses, the TeleMega. It also includes wired backup for emergency operation. With this we have created a system that we believe will be used for many future years' HART projects and that will enable quick and safe setup.

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