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College of Engineering Unit: 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project Team Member(s): 
Tanner Foss and Xufeng Liu
Physical Location at Expo: 
Kelley Engineering Center
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This project uses the personal devices of players to share location data of opponents and a ball. This project creates a phone app that allows players to define the playable area enabling a new virtual tennis type game. At its simplest, the app allows playing tennis over large areas and allows opponents to communicate and see each other's location. This app allows two players to set the parameters of the game and then use their personal devices to communicate information such as opponent and ball location, in addition to the boundaries of the playable area. This is a 9 month project requiring at least four members to work in groups of two, one group on the frontend and one on the backend, in addition to collaborating amongst each other to ensure the two sides communicate and operate properly.

Enhanced Tennis is a spinoff project of Enhanced Capture the Flag, where ECTF is a project started in the fall of 2021 and nearing completion in the spring of 2022. In January of 2022, we inherited a copy of their current project with the intention of converting it into Enhanced Tennis. ECTF was written using Flutter, an open source UI toolkit written primarily in Dart. Programming with Flutter allows the code to be written one time, in Dart, and compiled into both Android and iOS compatible versions. While developing the front-end of the app with Flutter, the backend features JavaScript, JSON and SQL. This includes storing game information, defining required dependencies and communicating with the server.

This team is open to networking