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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Bjorn Kalvoy, Abdullah Alqurashi, Ammar Ali Asghar and Alan Chase
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Memorial Place
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HyperRail: Automated Modular Scanning Gantry
The HyperRail project is designed to make hyperspectral imaging in greenhouse or outdoor situations easier. Using the same techniques as 3D printers or dockyard gantries, the HyperRail system guides a camera around in two dimensions above a target region and manually or automatically takes images of subject plants in sequence. This information can then be used to analyze plant behavior, growth, and conditions without the need of direct human guidance.

The industrial engineering team's goal was to create the documentation and setup required to build the second iteration of the gantry. Software, construction, and part procurement were enhanced with our work on this project. In addition to providing support to the associated mechanical engineering team, project work has been coordinated with multiple other key stakeholders to ensure development matched desired operational targets.

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