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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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Alexander Mote, Emanuel Murillo, Carlos Gonzalez and Benjamin Jones
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Kelley Engineering Center
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A low-power e-paper display designed for use as a "room label", detailing events or classes taking place in an OSU classroom. This device is designed to give students better awareness of where their classes take place, and help them settle into OSU's large and sometimes confusing campus.
The system is rechargeable via USB3.0, and the microcontroller's sleep mode allows the system to have a highly extended battery life. This battery life is further lengthened by use of a solar panel, which uses indoor lighting to trickle charge into the battery. The system can connect to an online database, which can be updated by OSU administration, to download up-to-date classroom information.
The core elements of this design, the low-power display and internet connectivity, were implemented successfully. Design and implementation of a custom PCB that can power and program the microcontroller were a key challenge. The solar charging can be further optimized if work on the project were to continue.

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