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Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
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Abdulrahman Almasabi, Jacob Van Horn, Rashed Almansoori and Shawntae Harris
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Community Plaza
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The use of our ionic liquid catalyst allows for a minimal process design. Benzene and Dichloroethane are passed into the CSTR along with the fully recycled ionic liquid. The outlet liquid stream is passed to a separator/decanter which is properly sized to allow the ionic liquid and product to separate fully. The heavier ionic liquid is passed directly back into the CSTR. The most crucial element of our process is that the ionic liquid is fully recovered so that it does not need to be replenished. The feeds are then passed to a single distillation tower to achieve the required 99.4% purity DPE stream. The system was further confirmed using a HYSYS simulation. Self calculations were required for the ionic liquid as it was impossible to properly model in HYSYS, but the reaction and distillation were modeled as shown.

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  • Albemarle

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