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College of Engineering Unit: 
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Lawrence Yamomo, Lore Litteral, Austin Epperly and Elias Lynch
Physical Location at Expo: 
Community Plaza
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Under the guidance of Dr. Trevor Howard, the objective of the group project is to design an educational nuclear reactor simulator. This simulator shall be capable of modeling thermal hydraulic and neutronic behavior to simulate operational conditions of a nuclear reactor, more specifically Oregon State University’s TRIGA Mk II Reactor (OSTR). In addition to this, the simulator shall have a user interface to allow for interaction with the simulator. The scope of this UI can be anything from a simple 2-D UI to a simulator modeled within augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). The current objective, with respect to the UI, is to begin modeling the simulator with a simple 2-D UI and potentially move to a UI within VR.

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