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Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Shelby Surprenant, Anthony Straw and Isaac Bridgeman
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Community Plaza
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Oregon Dulse is a seaweed growing operation currently producing 10 tons of seaweed per year out of 30 tanks. Recently, they were approached by a client ordering 4 million pounds of protein to be extracted from the seaweed. 
Appropriately, they want to increase production and offset any carbon produced with the hopes to produce the first carbon-negative protein in the world.
This is where we come in, the B (bacon) team. Our goal was to design a pyrolysis reactor to take the post protein extraction seaweed biomass and turn it into biochar, effectively making a sustainable and carbon-negative protein process. This is done as a senior capstone, with help of our industry sponsor, Charles Toombs, we were able to conduct research and start the baseline to design this reactor.
The focus of this design was more than just being carbon negative, we wanted to make a self-sustaining reactor that would process 4 million pounds a year. In our project, you will find a breakdown of our process in energy balances and costs as well as some of the other parameters and some of the findings of our research. Future work is also brought up as the team is working on doing more with costing and advising of possibly purchasing a modular unit.

Industry Sponsor(s): 
  • Charles Toombs - Oregon Dulse
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