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College of Engineering Unit: 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project Team Member(s): 
Kristina Lee, Cristian Garibay and Gavin Gutowsky
Physical Location at Expo: 
Kelley Engineering Center
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Project Description: 

Our team has created a platform utilizing LiDAR technology that can capture and display 3D scans of the Oregon State University Corvallis campus, with the intention of being crowdsourced by fellow students, staff, or other members of the community through use of their iPhones.

With our application, users will be able to use their iPhones to scan areas of the campus, upload, and view them online. As data is accumulated, users will be able to view older submissions from areas from the campus. This project could be extremely useful to prospective students and staff who would like to inspect sections the campus virtually, or to those who would like to see how our campus has changed over time.

Project Communication Piece(s): 
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