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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Khaled AL Hashmi, Mohammed Alomran, Jacob Hazel and Tessa Hoover
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Community Plaza
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This project was to create, help, examine, and standardize the phone triage system used by Samaritan Health Services. The project was focused on understanding the current algorithm and looking for potential gaps that could be fixed by the client. The major milestones included in this project were analyzing the data given by the client, creating a simulation in Arena to visualize the process, and reporting our findings and conclusions. The recorded data given by the client was the team’s starting point in assessing the current system. Data from the client during the month of March was used and studied to calculate statistics that were then inputted inside of the simulation. Using the statistics as inputs allowed for the simulation to be as close to the actual system as possible. Once the simulation was complete comparisons were made against actual data and adjusted to fit to tolerances. Finally, the team created a report that includes all of  the findings of the simulation and all of the potential gaps the team found. The report and simulation were designed to be passed on to another group of Industrial Engineers that could continue to examine and make specific suggestions to Samaritan Health Services. This project taught the team a lot about the internal workings of the healthcare system and about professional communication between the team and the client.

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  • Samaritan Health Services

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    PDF icon Team Poster describing the project and the simulation.419.85 KB
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