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College of Engineering Unit: 
Civil and Construction Engineering
Project Team Member(s): 
Autumn de la Cruz, Nate Joyce, Ryan Tornberg, Holland Hodges, Nathan Schremser, Dylan Heffern, Joshua Malpass, Finn Jensen, Madison Coffey and Marcus Pereira
Physical Location at Expo: 
Campus Way
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Project Description: 
  • WHERE: US26 Clear Creek Bridge is located SE of Mount Hood in the Cascade Mountains

  • WHAT: US26 is a primary route linking Portland Metro Area to Central Oregon

  • WHY: Clear Creek Bridge is at the end of its service life. Using this opportunity to update the crossing for traffic as well as fish passage and other aquatic species.  

  • Replacement of current Clear Creek bridge with a concrete box culvert

  • Allow continued fish passage through Clear Creek. 

  • Allowance of two lanes of freight traffic during construction intervals. 

  • Roadway surface wastewater detention and filtration

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