BioMEchanics Smart Insole
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Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
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Andrea Garcia-Ortiz, Mina Buchanan, Georgy Koromyslov and Matt DeVaughn
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Community Plaza
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Pronation, Supination, and Heel Striking are the three major foot-form issues experienced by almost every runner or athlete. When uncorrected, these incorrect gait patterns can lead to serious injury. Many of the current options available to fix these issues involve going into a physical therapist’s office which can be expensive, might require multiple visits if misdiagnosed, and while in the midst of a global pandemic, present a very high Covid-19 exposure risk. We have designed a set of force sensing insoles that can efficiently recognize when a user is over-pronating, over-supinating, or heel striking. Each insole contains eight force sensors that are strategically placed along areas of the foot to record force data over time. The battery pack and Arduino system is compact and lightweight so it can sit comfortably on top of a user's laces.

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