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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Brett Haines, Kruthik Kesari and Emmett Lawson
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Virtual Only
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Team 108 is building a machine that will test the forces on the pedal spindle to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 4210-06:2015 specifications. This specification requires a bike pedal spindle to have a range of 220 to 300 pounds of force applied to each pedal 50,000 times at a rate of no more than four Hz. Team 108 will design a machine that will prove the concept that a machine can be designed and built that will accomplish the ISO specifications with the force being applied to the pedals scaled down to 180 pounds. Several milestones have been reached, including the completion of cad drawings, the realization that the original plan would not work due to changes in components, and scope creep. The current design consists of a built linkage system that is made out of steel components in which a flywheel is attached to the electric motor shaft with a keyway. The RPM of the motor is set by a speed control using pulse width modulation. The linkages are laid on their side and in parallel with two pneumatic cylinders. The cylinders will have pressure relief valves to maintain a constant pressure for the repeated loads done for the bike frame. The end of the piston cylinders will be attached with cables that each piston will have two pulleys that will keep the cables intention to be attached where the pedaling action occurs on the bike frame. Finally, the use of what the team has learned through our failures to make some major design changes that will allow the team to successfully complete the project.

Team 108 Linkage Iteration Video Final for Expo
Final Design of Bike Frame Load Test Machine

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  • Celilo cycles

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