College of Engineering Unit: 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project Team Member(s): 
Harry Herzberg, Dmytro Shabanov, Freya Crowe, Jade Zavsklavsky, Nicholas Craycraft and Artemis Kearny
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Community Plaza
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Alerty provides software to make lectures and presentations easier to follow especially for students with ADHD or autism. It does this by providing live transcription, and by highlighting important sentences and emphasized phrases. It will cause the device (phone, tablet, etc) in use to vibrate whenever one of these important moments happen, as vibration has been proven to help people with ADHD or autism focus. We’re constantly training ourselves to focus whenever our phone buzzes, which elicits a pavlovian response for us to focus. It also allows students to ask questions more easily, aggregating them directly with context for the lecturer/presenter to better answer them.

Alerty Demo Vid
Alerty Short Pitch
Alerty Long Demo

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