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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Cade Janssen, James Plummer, Mark Shum, Cole Rawie, Robert Richardson and Rogue Phillips
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Memorial Place
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The Agricultural Drone (AG) team has been tasked by Bryan Hugill at Raitong Organic Farms (ROF) to research and develop a heavy payload agricultural drone to increase the labor efficiency of farming in Thailand. The aim of this project is to design a drone that is low impact, resources common materials, can be stored, deployed, and operated by one person, is easily repaired and maintained, has a modular payload for operational diversity, and can spray two hectares on a single charge flying for a minimum flight time of 20 minutes. 


Since farming in Thailand is mostly done by the older generation, with an average age of around 60, the efficiency of farming has decreased. Additionally, because of interest from younger people, farmers are not being supplied with younger help. To both attract the interest of young people and decrease the workload of the older farmers, Raitong Organics is interested in developing technological solutions to Thailand’s farming efficiency problems. To increase the range at which this project can be implemented, one of the larger interests is making the drone available for anyone to build on their own and at a low entry price. The end goal of this project is to make first world solutions more readily available to third world countries in hope that it will help increase the living conditions of those countries.

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  • Raitong Organics Farm

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