"The Hulk" Mobile 3D Printer
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Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
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Muhammad Amiruddin Bin Mahadi, Kayla MacFarlane-Herold, Daniel Mather, Torrey Menne and Nikhil Wandhekar
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Virtual Only
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The Mobile 3D Printer project focuses on utilizing five axes of motion to perform precision printing on non-planar surfaces. Compared to a contemporary printer that only prints on a fixed bed with limited maneuverability, the 5 axis movements allow for a wider range of use cases. Since the print size is not limited by a pre-assigned bed, the final product can be virtually any size given the availability of raw materials. Using a mobile base allows the printer to move around the work piece and make additions in hard to get places.
The mobile 3D printer aims to solve the issue of having to send pre fabricated parts via freight to a destination. In the case of military applications, instead of shipping volatile cargo, the raw materials as well as the printer can be sent instead. This significantly reduces the risk of transportation as well as ensuring that in the case that the equipment gets lost in transit it poses no threat. The sponsor for this project (OMIC) works within industries such as military technology and aerospace, and they require on-site repairs as well as on the fly modification solutions which this printer can provide.

Project Overview

Industry Sponsor(s): 
  • Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center R&D
  • Oregon State University Design Research Lab

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    PDF icon 5-Axis Mobile 3D Printer - MIME.104 Final Report9.45 MB
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