A capsule of xenon in the OSU TRIGA beamport modeled in MCNP
Project Description: 

The XeNRI project investigates the feasibility of using xenon-135 to test and characterize effects and phenomena observed in helium-3 in the HENRI system. The HENRI system will be used to shorten transients at the Transient Reactor Test (TREAT) facility at Idaho National Laboratory to broaden the capabilities of the transient test program in the United States. It is crucial that the HENRI system is well understood, predictable, and reliable. Using xenon-135 to test the HENRI system using the OSU TRIGA reactor will provide the characterization and understanding of the HENRI system necessary to move forward with the development of the system for TREAT.

Project Team Member(s): 
Austin Warren
Angelo Camargo
Brian Kim
Dakota Kartman
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Nuclear Science and Engineering
Undergraduate Project
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