Sports Performance Building
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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Garet Skelton, Gibson McCurry, Emma Matthews, Nicole Potekev, Cameron Croissant, Alicia Roberson, Noa Nobrega and Maxwell Lewis
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The goal of this project is to design the Sports Performance Center for Oregon State University to house various athletic facilities. The facilities include two basketball courts, multiple weight rooms, locker rooms, coach's offices, and supplementary sports-related areas. The sports center is located on the south side of campus adjacent to Gill Coliseum and Reser Stadium.

The Project will require engineers from the structural, building envelope, water resources, and HVAC disciplines to design the building, and the design group is determined to present a safe and energy-efficient design to the clients. 

The structural and mechanical components should not detract from the usable space in the building. The water resource engineer will design a plan to control the stormwater on the site and prevent flooding or water build-up. Finally, the building envelope will provide a dry and controlled indoor environment that will assist in the longevity of the Sports Performance Buildings' lifespan. The final product will be a beautiful new sports facility that meets the needs of OSU and its athletes.

The engineering team prioritizes building efficiency (particularly regarding thermal) and building safety. The first priority is implemented by the Mechanical Systems, Building Envelope, and Water Resources designers and the second by the Structural Engineers.

Additional goals and considerations of the team include cost to the owner, building functionality, and overall aesthetics.  Engineering’s emphasis on overall collaboration will see that these goals are met with success.

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