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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Chloe Hoepfinger, Stephanie Plata, Alexander Trinchero, Kevin Ero, Aleene McHugill and Erik Swanson
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The CAAKES Engineering team is tasked with the design of the Public Safety Building in St. Helens, OR. The team intends to deliver a design for a new police station that satisfies the needs of the public and law enforcement. The project will also function as a municipal and a critical operations building. With these programming needs in mind, the design of the project places a high level of consideration on the public. Achieving high safety standards, implementing sustainable design practices, and maintaining low costs are the main team goals. Accomplishment of these goals requires the combined efforts of a dedicated and talented design team. The team is composed of structural, geotechnical, and water resources engineers. Additionally, the team employs the expertise of building envelope and lighting designers. The structural integrity of the project is provided by the gravity and lateral load-resisting system designs which implement a combination of steel and glulam members. Footings specifics and design of the slab on grade is the responsibility of the geotechnical engineer. The design focus of the water resources scope is an above-ground detention pond to reduce stormwater runoff and preserve water quality. The focal point of the building envelope design is a brick veneer wall assembly that uses a selection of sustainable materials to improve the thermal performance of the building. Lastly, the lighting design exploits the energy saving potential of the building by emphasizing natural and electrical lighting techniques.

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