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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Justin Oljace, Andrew Smith, Emanuel Tejeda, Ismael Valentin and Nicholas Piro
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Our team focused on redesigning the intersection of US 20 and Old Bend Redmond Highway located just outside the city of Bend. Our team consisted of transportation and water resources engineers working together to increase safety and efficiency within the intersection, with a long-lasting, economical, and low-maintenance design. The transportation engineers considered multiple design alternatives and determined that a roundabout design would be the best solution for the intersection design. The transportation engineers then focused on pavement design, ADA pedestrian accessibility, and a truck apron for an increase in maneuverability for large trucks to increase the safety within the intersection. The water resource engineers focused on the design of a stormwater management facility for the new intersection to allow water to flow safely off the road to increase safety by reducing the risk of hydroplaning vehicles.

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