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Civil and Construction Engineering
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Mckenzie Traetow, Caylen So, Benjamin Fryback, Jacob Keller and Gabriel Umbarger
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The City of Dallas, Oregon has requested the improvement to the intersection of SW Levens Street and W Ellendale Avenue. The city wishes to improve this intersection as there are issues with queueing during the peak morning and afternoon hours caused mainly by parents driving to Lyle Elementary School, located to the southwest of the intersection. The proposed design satisfies the three main design goals set by the project group which include increasing safety, improving level of service, and minimizing environmental impacts. These three design goals were established to provide the City of Dallas with the most efficient, practical, and sustainable design alternative. The selected design alternative is a single lane roundabout. The design includes cycle tracks, shared use paths, wide sidewalks, crosswalks with continental striping, landscape buffers, and splitter islands that will help improve pedestrian safety. The implementation of a single lane roundabout will increase driver safety by reducing the frequency and severity of crashes because of the geometry of a roundabout compared to the existing intersection which is controlled with stop signs. The driving lanes of the new design will be paved with Portland Cement concrete. There will be mountable curb located on the front of the splitter island and surrounding the stamped concrete truck apron to accommodate truck traffic. The existing stormwater system will be upgraded with green infrastructure to reduce the environmental impacts of the intersection. By incorporating low impact development (LID) bioretention planters, stormwater runoff will be treated for key pollutants prior to the outfall at Rickreall Creek. The proposed design will minimize idle time and decrease emissions caused by congestion of the intersection. The shorter idle times of the proposed design, as opposed to the existing intersection that is stop controlled, will minimize the environmental impacts caused by the intersection. The intersection will operate more effectively and sustainably for the City of Dallas after the implementation of the selected design alternative. Overall, the construction of a single lane roundabout at the intersection of Levens Street and Ellendale Avenue in Dallas will improve driver and pedestrian safety, increase the level of service of the intersection, and reduce environmental impacts caused by traffic through the intersection.

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