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Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant and first introduced to the United States in 1606 to make mundane products such as clothing, rope, and lamp fuels, but with mindsets shifting and industries growing, hemp has become a novelty, a facet in sustainability, and a treatment for many.  

Hemp contains cannabidiol- also known as hemp essential oils-which can be isolated and used as treatment for those that suffer from epilepsy, acne, depression, anxiety and pain, just to name a few. Cannabidiol provides an alternative to addicting pain medications and is sustainable in its production.  

Our team is developing a large scale closed looped supercritical carbon dioxide extraction system, resulting in no carbon emissions. The production of hemp essential oils is not only ecologically friendly but also sustainable due to the high yield that hemp crops achieve each year.  

Large scale production of hemp essential oils can provide a competitive market that can be expanded quickly as well as exploited for job opportunities. During a time of great emotional and physiological distress, economic instability, and uncertainty it’s easy to think of many problems but we believe that a large-scale production of hemp essential oils could provide many answers to heal our community.  

Project Team Member(s): 
Yocelin Maldonado-Diaz
Carolina Ramirez Islas
Irene Ramirez-Aguilar
Jam Ventura
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Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate Project
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Vanguard Scientific
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